It’s time to be short!

I always used to wear shorts as a kid, but as I got older, I started to hide them away. I’m just going to put it out there; I have never been a fan of my (now constantly) pasty white wobbly legs. Even over the last eight years of marathon and cycling training, I have always covered them up as I wasn’t happy. I was too concerned with what other people thought of me. “She can’t be a runner, look at her legs” etc etc. As a result, I would stupidly swelter on training runs/rides, which wasn’t fun!

Fast forward eight years to current day where we’re still, some might say enduring – me, enjoying this heat wave. The weather has been my ideal temperature (a nice 28 degrees plus, yes, even up north, can you actually believe it?!) but I just can’t cope with the heat when running. So I had a long hard look at myself, yes in the mirror for added effect and had a word with myself. Over a month later, I am still wearing my shorts on my training runs as part of my 35 before 35 challenges…wohoo! I have a definite sense of achievement, some might say even another (mini) challenge conquered?! I know the photo of me on this post isn’t in shorts, but baby steps. By the end of my 35 before 35 challenges, you will see images of me in shorts, I promise!

I still feel slightly self –conscious but when I’ve got my pod cast on, I completely zone out and just get on with the run. And do you know what, even on runs when I haven’t had headphones in, nobody has shouted or laughed at me. I’m really trying to consciously change my mind set on a few things and something as simple as deciding to wear shorts is one of them. This won’t even be an issue for the majority of you and you must be thinking, “Doesn’t she have anything else to worry about” (believe me, unfortunately my mind does, which is exhausting!) but I also know that there will be a few of you out there who feel the same way as me.

I’m not saying that I’m now cured of my leg paranoia but I’m now CHOOSING to embrace my legs and yeah, show them off, wobbly bits and all! I need to remember that although they aren’t as toned as I would like them, (and to be honest I don’t think they ever will be) they must be blooming strong to get me through 250 mile charity bike rides, five official half marathons (not including all those half marathon training runs) seven marathons and a 100km ultra! I’d rather have strong wobbly legs any day of the week and I will continue to tell myself this over the next 20 months completing the 35 before 35 challenges!

So, to anyone out there who may also dread the summer because of the fear of getting their legs out, join me and embrace them. After all, they get you from A to B. Don’t hate them, have more respect for them as they do a pretty damn good job!