01.07.18 - Go Ape, Temple Newsam, Leeds

The wait is finally over, 35before35 launches today and we’ll be shouting it quite literally from the tree tops! Yep, that’s right; my first challenge will be at…drum roll please…

Go Ape at Temple Newsam in Leeds.

I have never been to Go Ape before and although I’m very excited, I am also extremely nervous as I’m petrified of heights! I’ve been up those tourist 360 degree towers abroad in Melbourne, Vietnam and even the Empire State Building. I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower and yes, I’ve also skydived! However, all of those height related situations felt somewhat safer than climbing up rope ladders and swinging like Tarzan 15 metres in the air with only a harness as protection!

However, this is all part of what I want to get out of these challenges. I want to be able to push my boundaries and get over some of the fears I have, such as heights! I’m also lucky that some of the 35 Before 35 team are able to join me for my first challenge. By doing this, it’ll be much more fun and we can then all face our fears together as a team.

I’m an absolute novice with technology but I’ve borrowed a GoPro from work. If I still have it strapped to me at the end, I will have already succeeded! I’ll see how the filming (and editing?!) goes but hopefully there’ll be something worthwhile so you can see how we got on. As a technophobe, I’ll also be shown the ropes (get it?!) on how to work Instagram Stories so you can then start to hear and see me waffle on throughout my upcoming challenges and training updates. I really am looking forward to pushing myself and raising money for Leeds Mind and Yorkshire Cancer Research over the next 20 months. Head over to my fundraising page to find out why I’m raising money for these great causes.

So, all that’s left to say is…onwards to the first challenge…We’ve. Got. This. Eek!