09.07.18 - 3.5 miles, 35 days

3.5 miles – 35 days

Yep, that’s right, starting from Monday 9 July, I shall be running 3.5 miles every day for 35 days in aid of Leeds Mind and Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Why I hear you ask?!

As I’ve mentioned, I have neglected my mental health recently and as a result of having a mad few months at work, I have stopped running. I’ve either been too tired or I’ve had another looong commute home, or in all honesty, I just couldn’t be bothered (especially after the Brighton marathon training plan). After days like this, I would rather just slump in front of the TV. However, as a result of this, I’ve been finding it hard to switch off and clear my head which does take its toll on my mind and body. So, I want to get back outside and get running again, as I ALWAYS feel so much better when I’ve gone out for a run. This will definitely affect my overall mood so by the end of the 35 days, fingers crossed, I’ll be feeling ten times better, with a clearer, less stressed head!


I’m actually feeling ok about the daily distance as this is usually a comfortable mileage for me, having gone through previous marathon and ultra (100k run) training plans. However, one aspect I’m worried about is that I can lack willpower and motivation! I know this will happen, probably almost daily throughout this particular challenge, eek!


Another aspect I’m worried about is consistency. Even when I’m following a marathon training plan, I will never run every day as I don’t believe this will benefit me, my dodgy knee or recovery. The most days I’ve run consecutively is just two days back to back so I’m already feeling nervous for the commitment ahead!

I also haven’t actually run that much since the Brighton Marathon in April. I’ll have to be careful as it feels that one of my usual niggles has re-surfaced. I’ll keep an eye on it but if it gets any worse, I’ll still go out every day but if I have to walk, I’ll walk. This could also be a blessing in disguise because when I normally go out running, I’m so focused on trying to keep up with a particular pace; I’m never really just in the moment. Instead, I’ll be constantly thinking if I can stay at a particular pace for the next five minutes. I need to stop stressing about times and learn to just go out and enjoy the run for what it is; just half an hour out in the fresh air, actually taking in the scenery, and more importantly, using the time to properly clear my head.

My last run will take place on Sunday 12 August. I’ll be documenting all of my runs on Instagram (@35_before_35) in one form or another, and once I’m brave enough, you may even see a video or two of me on one of the runs?! I’m terrified already!

Wish me (and my knee) good luck…my willpower is seriously going to need it!

If you would like to donate, please head to – no matter how small, every penny is very much appreciated!