30.07.18 - Training with Leeds Rhinos - Sponsors' Day

Training with Leeds Rhinos, well…sort of!

I’m so excited! I’ve kindly been invited to the Leeds Rhinos Sponsor’s Day by PlatinumHPL! My third challenge of 35 Before 35 will consist of me taking part in a First Team Sponsors’ Day training session. How cool is that?! This sounds like a jolly right, so where’s the challenge?

Well, I have to admit, this is a great perk of my job and a fab opportunity for me to get involved in. I am excited about the day as it’ll be something completely new to me. I mean, who else regularly trains with a Super League rugby team?!

However, I can already identify many (small) challenges for me throughout the day, which I’ve helpfully listed as bullet points below!

1)      I’m already getting anxious about the smallest things which probably wouldn’t even faze other people. For example, as it’s out of my daily routine, what time should I leave to get there on time? I HATE being late!

2)      What will other people think of me? How ridiculous is that?!

3) I’m a massive sports fan and I try to follow Rugby League but to be honest, I don’t really have a clue about this sport!

4) I’m a very competitive person so what happens if I can’t do a drill, kick the ball over the goal? I need to remember that this is for fun and who cares if I can’t do a particular instruction right? I’m not a professional rugby player so it doesn’t matter if I can’t kick a goal!

5) Basically, I’ll be completely out of my comfort zone and I’ll be stretching myself both physically and mentally, trying to keep my anxiety under control.

I’m quite embarrassed to admit the above because to most people, these ‘challenges’ wouldn’t enter their minds as they won’t spend endless hours on the run up to an event worrying about things. However, anxiety doesn’t care about things like that!

The above list is just a very small insight into how my mind works. I know I shouldn’t be anxious or worry about such trivial things as I know rationally that these aren’t real issues to be consuming my time with. However, I do know that I’m the one causing these ‘issues’ with my over-thinking.

So, moving forwards, I’m going to try my best to stop over-thinking situations before they’ve even happened, because most of the time, the things that you think will happen, won’t! As a result, I will get to enjoy experiences without the pre-event anxiety building up.

Hopefully by doing this, I can start to unwind and enjoy just being in the moment. Fingers crossed!