25.08.18 - Coast to Coast bike ride

COAST TO COAST on two wheels…with a twist!

Workington – Carlisle – Spartylea – Tynemouth Priory and Castle

Drum roll please……My 4th 35 Before 35 challenge will be cycling Coast to Coast! Over the August Bank Holiday, my Dad, sister and I will be cycling the 128 miles from Workington to Newcastle. This challenge has well and truly crept up on us and I can’t believe we’ll be completing this in just TWO weeks time!

However, there will be a slight twist. Instead of smashing through the mileage over two days or even just the one day (?!) we’ll be taking three days to pedal through the mileage. To be honest we didn’t even contemplate one day. There’s just no way could we complete this in one day (we know our limitations!) so my hat goes off to anyone who can, massive respect to you!

The reason for taking three days to ride this distance is because if we take our time, then simply, we will enjoy it more. We’ll take more of the ride in. We’ll actually look up at the scenery and we’ll be more present as we won’t be constantly chasing time. As mentioned before, we have taken part in a couple of cross-country bike rides for charity before. They were amazing experiences and I’m so glad we took part in them but at times there was just no enjoyment at all. The daily mileage was relentless (well, not for the pros who go out cycling A LOT more than us) but it just became so stressful having to complete so many miles every day, and that’s before we had to deal with the traffic! I just felt constant time pressures on us. Although maybe I was the one stressing us out with these pressures as I was just so anxious to get the miles done? I really don’t want to be stressing and chasing time on this challenge as my mind just won’t take it!

So, if I take anything away from this challenge, it’s to achieve this. I always find that I’m ALWAYS looking at my watch in all respects of my daily routine, thinking I need to get this task done by a certain time, I need to get home from work for a particular time so I can get a run in, I need to finish the run by a particular time before I get home to do the usual evening routine etc, etc before waking up the next day to repeat the same patterns. These examples are so insignificant that I shouldn’t even be concerning myself with these thoughts, but I do and it’s exhausting! You get the gist. I want to stop being a slave to time!

Our daily mileage will very roughly work out at around 40 miles / 50 miles /40 miles. Psychologically, this is already making me feel better as I know that all of us can achieve this daily mileage. The only element that may stop us in our tracks are the Pennines! So although we’ve got achievable mileage, we know it’s going to be super hard!

I’ve cycled the Pennines before and wow! It was on another training ride I cycled a good five years ago I think. I remember I went through every emotion possible that day and there was a good 10 mile stretch that was just horrendous! However, I’m hoping that this time, we’ll have time on our side so all should be fine! Let’s just hope the weather holds out for us this time around. I can’t do another 12 hour ride in the pouring rain!

If you would like to show your support, please visit Your donations, no matter how small will go directly to two amazing charities, Leeds Mind and Yorkshire Cancer Research.

I’ll do my best to document our ride over the three days so don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @35_Before_35 …Wish us luck!