20.09.2018 - Fitness Pole!

Working on my strength without entering a gym!

Yep, that’s right. My friends and I are on a mission to discover our strength, but without stepping foot into a gym? This sounds like a great challenge that is right up my street!

I know a couple of people who have taken up Pole to keep themselves fit but it’s honestly something that’s never really entered my mind. After researching I realised that there are many different types of pole out there. Maybe I could give this a go without feeling TOO much out of my comfort zone while still feeling like it’ll be a real challenge for me?

So, my friends and I are booked onto a Fitness Pole class on Thursday 20 September at Aerial Empire in Leeds, led by Emily. I’m looking forward to meeting Emily as she’s already been so helpful and supportive of this challenge for charity. Thank you Emily!

Why do I want to do this challenge?

Even though I run, I’m not strong enough and if I want to get faster times, I need to build on my strength. The only issue is that I have absolutely zero upper body strength, and although on a good day, I have finally managed to get a two pack (something which I’m very proud of btw), I don’t think I’ve ever found my core so this will definitely be a challenge for me!

Why pole?

I always get too intimidated when I have to use weights at the gym for strength training, to the point of complete gym avoidance! My typical experience with gyms is that I’ll get a gym programme, I’ll have a couple of sessions with a PT and then when it comes to having to do the session on my own I’ll make up so many excuses because I’ll still be so intimidated. Am I using the right weights? Is my technique right? I’ll be embarrassed or paranoid that the weights are too small etc. etc.

So….if I can build my strength and tone up without having to visit a gym then I’ll be happy, especially if this is something fun that I can do with my friends. The way I see it is if I’m enjoying it, I’ll be more tempted to keep this particular work out up.

I know I’ll be hideously anxious before the session even starts as it’s something so completely different for me and I’ll be battling my confidence (even in front of my friends). I know I’ll also find the session hard due to a severe lack in strength which I see as a sign of weakness – not just literally! I don’t know how it will go and who knows if I’ll be an absolute disaster with poor coordination. BUT I’m actually really looking forward to the session. I’m quietly hoping that I’ll end up loving it and that I’ll want to take it up longer term!

Wish us luck!