23.09.18 - Walking up Snowdon

Walking up Snowdon

I’ve only climbed one mountain before, the Stelvio Pass in Italy. BUT, that was on two wheels and in the gorgeous Italian summer heat. I wouldn’t normally go out walking long distances as I’m not a keen walker, I like to poodle along. I guess I’m just impatient, if I want to get somewhere, I want to get there as quickly as I can either by running or cycling.

So weather permitting, challenge number six will see me walk up Snowdon with a few of my friends on Sunday 23 September. To be honest, I really don’t know too much about Snowdon so I’ll be doing my research in the coming weeks! I’m leaving the planning in my friend’s capable hands so this is another challenge in itself. I usually like to have control over a situation and need to know all the finer details of plans. It’ll be quite liberating not knowing the entire itinerary over the two days so I can literally just turn up and do my best to go with the flow. Well, that’s the plan (!) anyway.

I believe we’ll be climbing either the Miner’s Track or the Pyg Track. The Miner’s Track is apparently 6km in length, while the Pyg Track is 5km. Both routes have an ascent of 800m and the average time it takes to climb both routes is 2 – 3 hours each way. So I guess we’ll be walking for about six hours in total.

I just hope the weather is good to us. This is another reason why I’m worrying about this challenge. I will need to make sure I keep warm; otherwise I’ll lose the function of my hands due to Raynauds Syndrome. This sounds so dramatic but when my hands are cold, I lose the ability to grip things and I can’t feel my fingers. Also if my feet get cold, it can hurt to walk. If I get really cold, I usually feel sick due to the pain in my hands and feet. As a result of this, I’ve looked up the kind of items that I’ll need to pack and I will make sure that the first item is thick insulated gloves! I’ll probably be the only one to turn up with all these things but I firmly believe in being prepared. And if it keeps my hands functioning, then even better!

As usual, I’ll be documenting the walk so look out on my stories over that weekend. In the meantime, please pray for some decent weather!