5K PB - 15.10.18 - 14.03.2020

5k PB

I have never been a fast runner and even though I’ve been running for eight years, I still sometimes feel inadequate because my times are much slower than other people I know. Hello, comparison demons! Now, these delightful voices don’t care that I’ve put the hard work in and have managed to successfully run the same distance as my faster friends. It should just be enough for me knowing that I have the dedication it takes in training and for being able to run the distances I have done!

As much as I would like to say I’ve stopped comparing myself, I haven’t! It’s something I’m trying really hard to stop doing. But it’s almost become a habit of mine to belittle any achievement I’ve completed and unfortunately this doesn’t end with just comparing myself against my faster running friends. I compare myself in general terms as well. However, that’s an entirely different subject and one best left to a separate blog post! Trying to stop comparing myself definitely isn’t easy and to be honest as a result, I tend to run solo and avoid group runs as much as I can. Even the friendly parkruns can intimidate me, crazy I know!

Having managed to achieve my sub-five hour marathon in April, it’s given me a bit of confidence in trying to push my 5k speed. So challenge number 8 in my 35 Before 35 project is to run a sub-27 minute 5k.

Now I know this isn’t a fast 5k time for the majority of people but for me it is! (See, I’m comparing myself  again!) If I can achieve this time, I’ll be ecstatic! When I was at my fittest before my sub-5 in April, I was running my local parkrun in 27.08. But now as I’m back in marathon training, my 5k times are coming out at 31-32 minutes. This means I have to shave off five to six minutes! That is going to be hard! As a result of this, I will give myself up until March 2020 to (hopefully!) smash this 5k PB.

How will I do this?! I’ll start adding speed work into my marathon training. However, I won’t always be able to do intervals as these niggle my bad knee so I’ll definitely listen to my body throughout the duration of this challenge. I’ll also start heading back to my local parkrun. My parkrun has a great route, a nice mix of hills, down and flat. I will look at becoming a regular parkrun tourist as well so I can test out different routes. Please give me your recommendations!

But please remember for anyone out there who (like me) may compare themselves a little too much, these are just my personal times and goals. I think anyone who goes out and runs any distance in any time is inspirational.