CHALLENGE 09 - Nutrition


Let’s talk food!

Ok, so I kind of feel bad that this challenge isn’t a physical one. However, I’ve been thinking about doing this one for a while now as I’ll reap SO many benefits health wise. It’ll also really aid and complement my training.

I am ashamed to say this, but I don’t take care of myself when it comes to food. I’m definitely not unhealthy but I’m not the best at eating the right kind of food at the right time, especially when I’m training. I’ll get the excuses out of the way now….

1)      I don’t have the time to cook proper food

2)      I don’t enjoy cooking. I’m definitely more of a baker…hello cake!

3)      I can’t be bothered when I’m just cooking for one

4)      I never feel hungry enough to eat a proper meal after a run or workout session 

5)      I’ve lost interest in food over the last few months and have zero inspiration on what to cook to get myself enjoying food again

6)      I also feel guilty a lot of the time with what I do eat, which is probably a whole other issue to address.

As a result of the above, I have realised that my lack of energy, low mood, sluggishness can all be attributed to how I treat myself when it comes to food. What I hope I’ll gain from this challenge is:

1)      Although I never feel hungry after a run or workout, I will make sure that I eat a proper meal. I will stop coming home late and having toast for dinner, as this really isn’t the best recovery fuel!

2)      I will become more organised. I’ll start doing one proper food shop a week, something that I haven’t done in years. Hopefully this will also help the pocket?!

3)      I will (loosely) plan my meals and batch cook throughout the week. I just need to invest more time in this and make this a priority alongside my training.

4)      I have a massively sweet tooth. I don’t add sugar to anything but if I could, I would have chocolate everyday and I always need to finish meals with something sweet. As a result, I would also like to cut down my sugar intake to avoid the sugar crashes I’m so used to. I’m also hoping that my skin will improve. Here’s hoping!

My challenges will ramp up next year so I really need to make sure I’m taking care of myself in more ways than just worrying about injury. I need to make sure that I’m fuelling myself correctly to become the most efficient I can be. For example if I feel a niggle, I’ll immediately ice it and roll if I need to. I need to be this tuned in and dedicated when it comes to my nutrition. I am by no means a nutrition expert so I’ll be taking the time to read up on the subject and I’m sure there’ll be a bit of trial and error along the way.

Again, the timeframe of this challenge will be technically until March 2020, but I’m hoping that if I can crack this, then I will have formed a healthy habit for life.

Don’t worry, I won’t be taking snaps of my food on a daily basis as nobody wants to see that (especially if I’ve cooked it) but I will post the occasional post training session meal and snacks to show my progress. I’ll also be asking you guys for hints and tips along the way. I hope you can help!

Now, there’s only one thing to do….*put down the chocolate!*