Get myself into a gym on a regular basis!!

I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times I’ve signed up to a gym with the intention of getting super fit. However as soon as the instructor leaves my side (normally as soon as I have my own individualised plan) I get SO intimidated and feel really uncomfortable so I just stop going.

I think I get intimidated because I feel that everyone is looking at me, judging my technique (which I swear is always wrong – I’m not the most confident in the gym) and how little I can lift – seriously, I have zero upper body strength! Rationally I know that no one is looking as they’re too involved in what they’re doing but I haven’t been able to shake the feeling enough to keep a gym membership up.

I’m really conscious that I can’t get through these last 16 months on just running alone. I need to build my strength up again and then some to make sure I can get through the challenges, particularly the endurance events that I have planned for next year. The only way I’m going to achieve this is by getting over my irrational but very much real fear of going to a gym.

I’m lucky enough to have a gym at work which I’m already a member of. However, the only time you’ll see me there without fail is on a Tuesday morning for a Metafit class which I absolutely love! But I need to force myself through the actual fitness suite doors and to feel confident instead of an imposter who has no idea on what she’s doing!

I’m already half way there as I’m organising an appointment to get a personalised plan and I’ve roped a friend in to come along with me for the first few sessions to give me moral support. But then I’m on my own which is very much freaking me out! I also need to stop using work as an excuse to avoid going to the gym!

I’ll try to document this as I build my confidence up at the gym but give me time as I’ll end up just stressing about how to do this when I’m already so nervous in that environment!

As you can see, although not a physical challenge, this is a MASSIVE mental challenge for me to overcome. Fingers crossed I can get over my irrational fear and create a habit of getting to the gym without feeling so unconfident and nervous. My long term goal is to get to the gym at least three times a week whether I’m on my own or not. Wish me luck!