12 Days of Christmas - 25.12.18

Challenge number 9 (to improve my overall nutrition) is in the forefront of my mind but well tis the season to be jolly….and in my case, eat far too much! So to help combat my inevitable over indulgence throughout the Christmas period, I will not only go for my traditional 10 mile Christmas morning jog, but my last challenge of 2018 will be to start a 12 days of Christmas inspired workout!

I really like the idea of this particular challenge. I see a lot of promotion around getting into shape on the run up to Christmas, but knowing me, I’d just overindulge once the programme has finished because 1) I would (rightly) feel like I deserve it after working hard and 2) well, it’s Christmas! The beauty of starting on the first day of Christmas is that I’ll be keeping active throughout the holidays while still enjoying myself.

Disclosure – I am not a fitness expert at all! I basically used my friend, Google in looking for such a workout. I didn’t know that there were so many Christmas themed exercises/bootcamps out there. I think it’s such a great idea. Not only will you be keeping active over the Christmas period, but these exercises will take up hardly any of your time either. Win win to me!

If you fancy giving this a go with me then please take care and listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, then please stop! As I said, there are loads of different workouts on the internet so if this one isn’t for you, then take a look at others that may be more suitable to you.

In terms of reps, I’ll try and aim for three reps of each exercise each day. However, I’ll listen to my body and if I have to go down in reps, then I will. If there’s one thing I do know is that technique is far more important than number of reps.

I’ll be posting the relevant day’s exercise each morning, so you’ll have all day to try and fit it in! It would be great if any of you could join me and take part. Why not even post photos of your 12 days of Christmas workouts and tag me in! @35_Before_35

If my maths is correct, the last day of the challenge will be Saturday 5 January. Here’s hoping this will help me create an early New Year’s habit which will avoid feeling all the pressure (and in my case, the inevitable failure!) in starting a new fitness regime come the 1st January. Fingers crossed!

Good luck, and a (very early!) Merry Christmas!!