What do you want to see me do?!

When I started 35 before 35, I wrote a list of my proposed challenges. However, this list keeps changing and I also didn’t actually complete it which means I have a few empty spaces. So I’m hoping for a few suggestions by you guys!

My first challenge of the New Year (challenge 12) will (hopefully!) be picked by you. The challenge could be anything, which is already scaring me slightly as I fear the unknown and like to feel I’m in control!

What do you guys want to see me do? The only small print to this is below…

  • The challenge must be physical or must stretch me mentally – i.e by learning a new sport.
  • All challenges will be self-funded. I have a lot of challenges to complete, so the initial outlay can’t be too expensive.
  • I’m ticking off these challenges in my spare time so unless I book annual leave, they can’t encroach into my full-time job.

So, please do let me know what you would like to see me complete in January. You can either comment under this post or DM me. @35_Before_35

The deadline for suggestions will be Christmas Eve. I’m so nervous but excited to see what I could be doing as part of one of my challenges in January! If all goes to plan, I’ll announce the challenge on New Year’s Day so watch this space!

In terms of the New Year, I will need to complete 21 challenges, so that’s almost two a month. As you’ve seen on a previous post, at least nine of these will be large-scale. It’s going to be a busy year! Roll on 2019, I’m ready and raring to go!