RED January - 01.01.2019 - 31.01.2019

RED January!

I’ll be kicking off 2019 with 30,000 other like-minded people as I’ve signed up to RED January! RED January is such a great initiative which encourages people to look after their own mental health by doing something active every single day of January.

You choose what activity and distance you want to do throughout the month. You might want to walk, run, jog, swim or cycle. The choices are endless! Or you could even work on a particular mileage over the month. Having a new goal or maybe even set of goals in January will hopefully give you a new focus in what can be a tough month.

Now this whole initiative is very much up 35 Before 35’s street! If I leave any mark after these 20 months of challenges, I hope it will be that if you’re struggling, then having a goal (however small) can really help towards shifting your focus and mindset.

This could be the distraction you need when it’s dark, cold and miserable outside, particularly post-Christmas! Not only am I looking forward to challenging myself every day but I’m also looking forward to joining the nationwide challenge with a supportive community of 30,000 other people or REDers as they’re called!

January is already looking fairly busy with the remaining 12 Days of Christmas challenge, marathon and 24-hour run training and rowing training so I’ll be incorporating these sessions into my regular training. What I do want to do though is focus on my speed in these sessions which will supplement the training.

I’ll mix the speed sessions up, some lunchtimes, I’ll head out onto the track at work, or hit the treadmill or bike in the gym. This challenge will also force me into taking my hour long lunch breaks, which will also massively improve my mental health!

So why not join me in RED January. Even if it’s too late to officially register, just try and get out and get active every day!

If you would like to show your support for @LeedsMind throughout the duration of my 13th challenge, please visit my fundraising page,

Please note, that any donations received will be split 50/50 with @YorkshireCancer

Thank you!