CHALLENGE 15 - Cycling 3,500km

Jan - Dec 2019

I would absolutely love to do a lengthy endurance challenge such as running (?!) or cycling Lands End to John O Groats. But unfortunately there’s just no way I’ll be able to attempt this within the time frame of my 35 challenges due to training and getting time off work. But I will be able to do the next best thing…

From now until the end of 2019, I will cycle 3,500km (2,174 miles) For me, it’s go big or go home, so not only do I want to make sure I ride more in 2019, I might as well be on brand and up the mileage to a ridiculous amount. Well, it wouldn’t be a 35 Before 35 challenge otherwise would it?!

This will be a challenge for me as I’m more likely to lace up my running trainers instead of putting on my cycling gear. But I want to go from ‘all the gear and no idea’ to having ‘some idea!’

The other aspect to this challenge is that I’ve never been out on my bike solo! I’ve never been out on my own because I live in a busy area and road confidence isn’t always there but I’m also scared in case I get a puncture. I know the theory of changing my inner tubes but I’ve never actually had to fix a puncture on my own. So not only do I want to start heading out on my own, but I’ll also start practicing puncture repairs and will also look into basic maintenance courses. With all of this in mind, I will be gearing myself up to at least one solo bike ride out on the roads every month (from February onwards!)

However, depending on the delightful British weather, I’ll be able to up my mileage on the bike at the gym (challenge 10 gym phobia is definitely slowly leaving me!) or on my turbo trainer at home (a post Christmas treat to myself!)

It’ll be interesting to see how far or where I could have physically travelled to at the end of my 3,500kms?!

You know the drill by now, I’ll be documenting my cycling ‘journey’ on my social platforms and if any of you are on Strava, you will be able to follow me on there too.

Fingers crossed, the roads are good to me. Roll on the finish line!