24 Hour Run - 09.03.19

I’ve realised that I’ve spoken and posted a LOT about this 24-hour run, but I haven’t officially announced it yet!

So, here it is! Our 24-hour run will be taking place THIS Saturday 9 March (tomorrow!). It starts at 8am on the Saturday morning and we’ll (hopefully!) finish at 8am on the Sunday morning.

My sister will be joining me and we are slightly petrified about this challenge. We’ve previously taken on Race to the Stones (RTTS –, the 100km ultra. However we did this over two days (33 miles on the Saturday and roughly 31 miles on the Sunday if my memory serves). This was tough, even with a full night’s sleep in-between, so we are under no illusions as to how hard this will be for us.

The good news is that the marathon organiser (Saxons, Vikings and Normans Marathons and Challenges) is the friendliest ever! We love running these looped marathons as the whole set up is so inclusive and honestly, so supportive to every runner/jogger and walker!

Another good point to note is that the 24-hour run will be on a 3.71 mile loop. This will be a massive challenge for us mentally, but I’d rather always be close to the aid station in case (god forbid) anything was to happen. Plus this way, my absolutely shocking navigation skills won’t let us down come 2am on Sunday morning!

The last few weeks has seen us manically buying all our supplies, from nutrition, to extra layers, torches and not forgetting the good old waterproofs as we’re going to get wet at some point! I dread to think how many bags we’ll have each! Sleep strategy? Erm, we may try and get an hour in the car at some point?!

In terms of training, it’s been quite tricky as we’re also training for a marathon in April. We’ve had to completely switch up our mindset in terms of forgetting speed (well, our kind of speed) to just spending time on our feet. The weekends are pretty much taken up with long runs (with walking sections) to get our feet used to that RTTS feeling again. Double figure runs on both weekend days have been really hard to get my head around and we’ve had to push myself out of the door. But hey, it wouldn’t be a 35 Before 35 challenge otherwise would it?!

I just want to say a massive thank you to my sister, Hel for joining me on this run. I’ll definitely need the company and moral support. What a way to celebrate our 34th birthday eh?!

As always, I’m aiming to document this over the course of the 24 hours. However, depending on phone signal and battery (which constantly runs low these days!) I’ll be posting updates as and when I can.

Wish us luck, we’ll definitely need it!