CHALLENGE 18 - Rowing the English Channel!


Rowing 35,000 metres or 21 miles…roughly the length of the English Channel!

If you’ve followed me on my Instagram @35_Before_35 since November, you will have heard me mention rowing training. Well, this is why.

I’ve always enjoyed watching the annual Boat Race and watching the rowing in the Olympics but as a youngster, this sport obviously just passed me by. I would love to try rowing out on an actual lake/water space (note the extreme lack of technical lingo here, sorry!) one day with some experts (to anyone that’s offering to train an absolute novice with balance issues?!) but until then….

…my next challenge is to row the length of the English Channel, which is just shy of 22 miles. On a rowing machine. In one go!

It’s been hard trying to juggle all the different training needed for the 24-hour run, gym work and rowing. In training, I’ve managed up to an hour in one go once. This was 11,000 metres which was just over 7 miles. It’s going to be so hard but I’ve got some friends roped in to row alongside me for the duration. And of course, I’ll try and get my friends to document my challenge live! Thank you to Trinity Fitness for the loan of rowers and space!

What a way to spend my 34th birthday and to celebrate one year to go until the end of the 35 project!

Wish me luck!!