Brighton Marathon - 14.04.19

Now, if any of you have been on my website and read my ramblings, you’ll know I’ve completed seven marathons already. So, you may be thinking where’s the challenge in this?

Well….for me, every marathon is all about the journey of each training cycle. Thinking back to my first marathon, I was the unfittest I’ve ever been so just getting out and exercising was the challenge itself. Every cycle has its challenges. I’ve had cycles where I haven’t believed in myself, to cycles of having awful weather interfere with my training. I remember one 18 mile training run once where I ended up having to run on nine miles of ice. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t a good idea. Plus my heart rate really ended up hating me that day! I’ve also completed cycles with awful internal stress symptoms and one cycle I was coming back from injury which was a very frustrating (and painful) nine months!

The challenge for me this time was trying to keep motivated in the winter months. Having written this as it’s getting lighter, I can admit now that I haven’t been as disciplined in the winter months. However, even though I’ve been missing my mid-week runs, I’ve been in the gym more working on my strength, which is surely just as beneficial?!

Another challenge for me this year is that when I managed my sub 5 hour marathon last year, I sacrificed a lot. I paid for a running coach; I went out on runs without fail which obviously made me stronger and faster. I did all this because I wanted to achieve a certain time, which I’m so thankful I was able to manage on my first attempt. However, part of me thinks that I achieved this because running the marathon was my one and ONLY focus. This year it’s different, as I’ve had another 18 challenges to focus on. This could also explain why I missed those mid-week winter runs? Who knows? I have definitely found this cycle hard because of all the other challenges I’ve been doing. But I also hope that these other challenges have aided my strength ready for this next marathon? We’ll see!

I’m really looking forward to running the Brighton Marathon this year with my sister and cousin as they both had to defer last year due to injury. I’m also looking forward to enjoying the day as best as we can and not worry (too much!) about finish times. This will definitely be a massive mental challenge on the day as I know I’ll constantly be looking at my pace and will be comparing it to when I had a specific time goal, which is pointless as I’m not running for speed this year! We have an idea of when we want to finish in our heads but I really don’t want to stress about it on the day, I want to actually just try and enjoy the run. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan!

You’ll be able to see the build up, and hey depending on how it goes (and my phone battery!) I may even be able to get some bits captured on film!

Let’s hope for good weather!