Duathlon - 04.08.19

The plan is to complete my first ever Duathlon! I was feeling confident about the distances, but I’m writing this as I’ve got my left ankle covered in an ice pack so fingers crossed that I’ll actually be able to go ahead with this next challenge.

I’ve decided to start my Duathlon life (getting ahead of myself much?!) with a Go Tri event. I wanted my first foray into Duathlon to be a Go Tri course, because I just love the ethos behind their message. The website says that it’ll be a fun event, suitable for all levels of athletes, not aimed at finish times and with lots of support. The fact that I know this beforehand will hopefully calm my anxiety levels before my wave starts!

The Duathlon is taking place this Sunday (4 August) over in Ashley, a village in Cheshire. The breakdown is:

2.5km run

17km (10 mile) bike ride which will take me through Ashley, Mobberley and Wilmslow

2.5km run

I’ve been really interested in Duathlons and Triathlons recently as I want to try out the whole transition aspect. But in classic Gill style, I’m getting more and more nervous about this element of the course. For example, what the rules are, etiquette etc so I’ll be sure to research this before the weekend. I’ll also be adding a few more miles on my bike for challenge 15 and I’ll be back out on the road navigating and frantically looking for signage!

I’m lucky enough to have roped my friend in to coming along to support me with this challenge. She is a pro at a multi-sport event so I know I’m in good hands! 

Wish me luck! I just hope my ankle holds out (everything is crossed!)