Haunted Escape Room - 05.10.19

Scary Escape Room – tonight!

After a few anxiety filled months with work, the pressure I’ve put myself under over the last few challenges such as the Leeds Liverpool Canal Run, abseil and via ferrata as examples and a few behind the scenes mini projects, I wanted my next challenge to be as fun as possible without having to over think everything. I also didn’t want another physical challenge as my ankle is drastically getting worse to the point of pounding pain last night, eek *goes off to ring the physio*

So, tonight, yes tonight, will see me exercise my mind. How I hear you ask? Well, my friend and I will be doing an escape room! I’ve done one of these before but there was a bigger crowd and that room was a very unscary American diner. This time, there will only be two of us trying to escape the room within the hour so to me that’s hard enough already. But to make it even more of a mental challenge, I wanted to up the fear level by booking on to a scary theme to celebrate Halloween (a bit early I know but I seem to have an incredibly busy October ahead!) The Escape Room is called Haunted…I’m terrified already!

I honestly scare SO easily. I can’t watch horror films anymore. I’m alright with blood and gore but it’s those films that mess with your mind which freak me right out and then I can’t sleep for days, or I have to go to sleep with the light on! How I managed to sit through The Blair Witch Project at the cinema when I was younger I have no idea!!

I’m also not the best at problem solving, especially in a time pressured situation. So to add my constant fear of what the worst possible scenario could be in that room while trying to navigate clues, I really do think that this is the perfect challenge to stretch me mentally. Although I’ll be well and truly scared, I’m hoping I can get my head around the fact that it isn’t real so I can concentrate on the clues to help us escape!

The challenge starts at 8.15pm tonight, so if you haven’t heard from me by 9.30pm, well, then send HELP!!!