Beginner's Climbing Course - 24.11.19

When I started 35 Before 35, the idea was to make sure I complete activities that will take me completely out of my comfort zone on a more regular basis. But I also wanted to make sure that I would give myself the opportunity to learn new skills along the way.

When I was trying to think up my next challenge, I realised that I hadn’t really learnt a new skill since I gave Fitness Pole a go at Aerial Empire last September! Being very conscious of this, I can announce that challenge 30 will see me learn a new skill by taking part in a one day beginner’s indoor climbing course this Sunday!

I can honestly say that climbing has never been on my bucket list, I feel awful saying this but it has never interested me. However, as a result of walking the Via Ferrata as part of challenge 26, climbing has definitely spiked my interest. It’s also another great alternative to strength training my upper body!

I am nervous about the course…I mean, there will be loads of equipment to get used to, I have zero upper body strength and the most mortifying thing of all, what happens if I can’t get myself up the wall over the six hour course?!

I’m also looking forward to the mental side of this challenge, and I don’t mean just shushing my inner voice, but I think I’ll really enjoy learning the techniques of climbing.

Who knows, I may well just fall in love with climbing?! Wish me luck!