Surfing lesson on Waikiki Beach! 10.12.19

We spent a lot of summer holidays on the beaches of Cornwall. There are pictures of my sisters and me in wetsuits with our bodyboards (how cute!) on Perranporth beach. We must have been ten or 11, I think?!

I’ve mentioned before that when I was younger, I loved being in the sea, either with our bodyboards, or just swimming and ever since our beach holidays all those years ago, I have wanted to learn how to surf.

We’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in Cornwall, but also Hawaii and Australia but every single time we’ve chickened out of learning as we’ve become too scared in our older age. I am scared of water these days which is a shame as I have no idea why. Maybe thoughts of jellyfish and sharks?!

Another reason is that I’ll probably be the worst surfer ever. I won’t have the coordination or strength. I won’t be able to stand up etc and I’ll give surfers a bad name! But these negative nancy thoughts will have to stop now!

To make sure we don’t bail out on the idea again, my sister and I have proactively (pats on the back please!) pre-booked a surf lesson while we’re out in Honolulu! I am genuinely looking forward to finally giving surfing a go after nearly 25 years of wanting to try it. But I am scared that I won’t be any good and again my irrational fear of what lurks beneath?!

The weather forecast isn’t looking great in O’ahu while we’ll be there unfortunately. Not so bad for the Marathon but we’ll have to keep an eye on the rain and thunder for this challenge. Fingers crossed the weather clears and we get our chance of riding the waves on Waikiki beach!

Wish us luck!