Scuba Dive lesson - 11.01.20

This challenge came about as a suggestion from my friend. I’m already nervous as hell so it’s obviously a good one. Thank you for taking the time to organise this one for me, it’s very much appreciated!

On Saturday 11th January I will be taking part in a learn to scuba dive course. I’m not one to swim on a regular basis so the thought of entering water with a tank on my back leaves me seriously questioning what I’ll be doing!

I have always been scared of scuba diving. Watching scuba diving in movies and seeing how far divers can go makes me feel so uneasy and almost claustrophobic for some reason. Also, I’m sure it’s as safe as anything but if you need an oxygen tank in order to take part in an activity, then this is just something that I would never normally entertain! ?

I’ve been told that the session will be taking place in a swimming pool which makes me feel slightly better. When I was 23 I was lucky enough to snorkel at Hanauma Bay on the southeast coast of Oah’u. It was amazing to snorkel for the first time out there but although it was a great experience, it did freak me out. Not only because I couldn’t get used to hearing myself breathe, but the constant flapping of my legs to make sure I didn’t hit any coral with my feet took it out of me. You should have seen me, such a graceful creature in the water for sure!

But knowing I won’t have any of that to contend with next week is already calming me down and in true 35 Before 35 style, I will take this challenge on, regardless of my nerves and the inevitable anxiety beforehand.

Wish me luck and send on positive vibes, I’ll definitely need it!