Aquathon and Triathlon training - events May 2020

This marks the beginning of post 35 challenge life, 🙁 The last two years have taught me so much and there is just absolutely no way I’m going back to ‘not living’ or living to work once 35 life has finished. So last November, I signed up to both an Aquathon AND Triathlon which both take place in May.

However the training for these has already begun and that’s the twist. This time, the challenge will be the training. It’s not always about the destination, it’s all about the journey to the start line!

I’ve never contemplated events like these let along sign up to them before 35 life but now I’m going all in with OPEN WATER events! I am terrified!

Aquathon – 750m Swim, 5km Run (roughly 30 lengths of a 25m pool and a 3.10 mile run)

Triathlon – 750m Swim, 22.5km Bike, 5km Run (roughly 30 lengths of a 25m pool, followed by just over 13 miles on the bike and 3.10 mile run)

I haven’t swam front crawl since my GCSE PE days, 18 years ago…oh I feel old! I was told at the time I had quite a good technique. But that was then and this is now. So, the main part of the aquathon and triathlon challenge is most definitely the training and the journey that I’ve started on…

Swimming is definitely my weakest discipline, so while I was away in Hawaii I booked myself onto a four week block of front crawl swimming lessons which I’ve completed two weeks so far. To say I was nervous before the start of the first session was a MASSIVE understatement. I was petrified. Learning something new after 18 years, to be in the pool which isn’t a regular hang out for me, putting my flaws on show and meeting new people really got to me. However, the people are lovely and we’re all learning together.

I’m getting frustrated as I can’t get my side breathing technique down but I don’t have an issue with my head being in the water so I’m hoping it’ll just be practice, practice, practice.

Once the first four weeks have been completed I’m going to book onto another seven week course of swimming lessons. I have also booked onto an open water beginner’s session too.

I’m trying to train for these at the same time as my finale challenge but I’m hoping that the training with complement each other.

I’ll be spending a LOT of time in the pool over the coming months so fingers crossed the training and practice comes together for when I get to the start lines come May! I’ll be sure to document my thoughts along the way!